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By Cru Ennis
A research expedition travels deep into the jungle of Papua New Guinea in search of an ecosystem that could hold amazing medical advances. What they uncover defies all expectation… A lost City full of untold riches, infectious monsters, and an ancient tribe who will stop at nothing to contain it all.

“Reality provides us with facts, so romantic, that imagination itself could add nothing to them.”

 -Jules Verne











 The highest ideals of humanity are examined as our protagonist, Dr. Robert Kelly, rises from self-pity and deprecation to experience how service to others can provide a quality of life he has never known. On his adventure, he will discover a mythical tribe devoted to protecting others, he will come to depend on a self-destructive Navy Veteran who finds redemption through sacrifice, and he will see where love can inspire even him, the most selfish of people, to act for the greater good.  



  Our story centers around a new mythology where a team of explorers in search of medical advancements discovers the existence of a lost civilization deep in the mountains of Papua New Guinea.  After deadly attacks at their on-site lab, they look to a befuddled anthropologist for answers.  

The mission is to map the vast labyrinth of tunnels and find a way into the heart of the volcano. There, they must harvest the plant life at the geothermal heat source that drives the ecosystem. But in doing so, the expedition finds trouble above and below the surface. Above, the researchers are hit with attacks from local tribes. Below, in the cave system, the dive team is faced with infectious creatures that have been trapped underground in a foregone city for centuries.   What comes next...


...A battle centuries in the making, an ancient evil finally freed, and mother nature's power displayed in all its glory. 




Papua New Guinea remains one of the most unexplored regions on earth. Dense rainforest covers dangerous volcanoes, houses thousands of undocumented living species, and hides ancient tribes still undiscovered by the modern world.

Indigenous takes viewers on a journey, from the icy waters of the Berring Strait to the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Each new environment presents incredible visuals and unique dangers - crushing arctic storms,  cannibalistic warriors, and a volcano that threatens to erupt at any moment 

Surrounding tribes converge on the compound to stop the westerners from releasing an ancient evil from inside the mountain. 



Mt. Langila is an active volcano, with a network of water-filled lava tubes extending miles underground. These catacombs house a unique ecosystem of bioluminescent flora and fauna, and the remains of a mysterious civilization. But, as tremors from the Volcano grow in frequency and violence, it’s a race against time to reach the caldera before the volcano erupts.

The lost city of Langila has been sealed for centuries, but our heroes soon find that they are not alone.

The environment grows more and more spectacular as the team descends, following a network of bioluminescent vines that lead them to the caldera.

The Pintu

A mythical tribe living in Langila.  The Pitu devote their lives to keeping the Kirakan (infectious creatures) trapped inside the mountain. 


Several years ago,  Roberts developed a theory based on an obscure piece of history: Spanish Explorers lead by Yñigo Ortiz had visited Langila in 1526. Ortiz had sent back strange reports of a people he called the Pintado (Spanish for the painted ones), from whom he claimed he was "purchasing the Fountain of Youth".  The letters described a massive stone city on of Mt. Langila



The lost city of Langila has been sealed for centuries, but our heroes soon find that they are not alone. The old inhabitants of the city, exposed to massive doses of the Aurora microbe, have mutated into creatures called the Kirakan.

Extreme strength and speed, paired with hypersensitive senses, make the Kirakan a terrifying threat - especially when it becomes clear that the microbes in their salvia are contagious.





Once a brilliant anthropologist with a promising future, his career was put on hold following an injury received in Papua New Guinea.   His research on the infamous tribe of the Pintu was denied publication on a lack of proof, and his colleagues turned their back on him because of his outlandish claims.  Alone and shunned from the Anthropological society, he would retreat inward and focus all his energy on obscure legends and mythical cultures.  Now an aspiring graphic novelist, and an adjunct professor in a rundown community college, Robert seems content to drown his pain in cheap wine under an artist lamp. But Robert may be the Chronix team’s only hope for survival when they come under attack by a mysterious tribe.



After being dishonorably discharged from the Navy for indirectly killing three fellow seals and injuring twelve innocent people, Tyler Holt is forced to live a life of solidarity & regret. Haunted by his past, he finds a home for his skills as an underwater demolition diver in the brutal business of oil exploration in the Berring Strait. That’s until he is offered a shot at redemption, blasting the Chronix team through the unstable catacombs of the Langilla cave system. If he does the job, no questions asked, Vic, will see to it that Chronix will give him a chance to reclaim the life he lost.




 She is a visionary biologist working as a privet contractor for Chronix Pharmaceuticals.  She and Robert had a relationship in college that continued through grad school.  She hurt Robert’s reputation when she wouldn’t corroborate his findings on the mythical tribe of the Pintu.  Dana’s vision is the catalyst to the Chronix mission, but as she learns more about the elusive Aurora microbe, the closer she puts her team to infinite danger.




Katrina has her aunt’s brains, and a confidence in herself inspired by a lifetime of fieldwork in the most remote parts of the world. As an avid adventure seeker, she is a talented climber and a master scuba diver.  As the designated field biologist for the research expedition, she butts heads with Dana when she feels like her maternal instincts are keeping her from doing her job.




 An infamous archeologist, Vic, specializes in cave exploration.  He has the reputation for doing whatever it takes to accomplish each mission – even if it means jeopardizing the safety of his team. Vic is used to leading by example, but when he’s sidelined by an injury he is forced to rely on Robert and Tyler, despite the fact that he trusts neither.



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